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Puppy Visits

Puppies have several critical learning periods in their lives where their ability learn is at its greatest.

The first 8–12 weeks of a dog’s can be difficult for pup and owner; your puppy may be missing its mother and you may have to cultivate a stronger relationship with a mop than you’ve ever wanted…

Although a puppy’s mental abilities are fully formed they lack experience, their bonding and social awareness outside of their litter increases rapidly and the experiences they encounter during this early stage may stay with them for the rest of their lives.

This period is the fastest learning period of their lives and numerous studies have concluded that this is the optimum time to teach and develop a bond. The training you do within this 8-12 week period increases their capacity to learn; the more they understand their actions have reactions, the more it develops the region of their brain that gives them the ability to learn.

There is a lot to learn other than the basic needs of feeding a puppy three times a day, letting it out for toilet after each meal, after it drinks, after it wakes. How do we toilet train? How much shall we feed it? When do we stop feeding three meals a day? This can be new territory.

It is also very time consuming and not always possible to continue training – especially during a work day.

Woofers understands the importance of getting it right in the early days of a puppy’s life and we appreciate that it’s can be difficult for the owner, as well.

We offer a Puppy Visit, during which we will visit your pet at your home to feed, toilet, play, pat, nurture, and re-enforce your training just as you would. We’ll even clean up any accidents!

Puppy visits are about 20 minutes and generally occur between 11am and 1pm.

We can visit daily throughout this 8-12 week period or on an as-needed basis. We can also offer advice on the best methods for toilet training and other basic puppy needs and expectations that will set your puppy up for life.