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Woofers’ Playgroups are the improved version of the old school dog walking and are a great chance for your dog to burn off some energy in a social group.

Playgroups are for social dogs that are confident offleash, display good recall and enjoy a happy, fun, enthusiastic outing with other dogs of a similar temperament.

From our team’s perspective

Puppy pick-up is always our favourite part of the day. From the moment we arrive to pick up your pal, it’s all action stations. You have to admit that one of the most satisfying parts of anyone’s day is seeing a dog’s whole body wag when they see you!

We hit the road while the dogs say hi to each other and get down to serious business: play. Then it’s time to hit the park or beach, where we leash up and stroll to a safe offleash area where the dogs can run free!
Once the leashes are off, the rest of the time is spent chasing balls, sniffing butts, playing tug of war, chewing sticks, practising recall, and, of course, some rough and tumble rolling on the ground. This is all punctuated by regular pats and cuddles from us.

When it’s time to leave, we leash up and head back to the van for another drink, quick towel dry if required, then it’s into the van and on the way home!

Upon returning to your home, we’ll do a quick once round the yard for a poop scoop, a quick water check and we’ll ensure that they are safe and secure – and no doubt ready for a nap.

Playgroup stats

  • Monday – Friday (excluding public holidays)
  • Outings operate between 8am and 4pm
  • Time-specific outings available (surcharge may apply)
  • Pick up and drop off: included
  • Exercise time: Outings last approx 1 – 1.5hrs (not less than 45 minutes)
  • Group Size: Small groups 3–6 dogs (depending on the area and council bylaws)
  • Refresh water