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As with humans, all dogs have different needs. Two things ALL dogs need are exercise and stimulation.

Woofers believes providing an opportunity for an urban dog to play freely in a safe and controlled situation is critical to its wellbeing. After all, a well exercised and stimulated dog is a happy dog.

We delight in seeing our packs playing, running, swimming, chasing and generally having a ball. Socialisation is an important aspect of your dog’s development and we structure each social outing so that the dogs in the group are well suited and that the energy level and activities meet the needs of each member of the group.

We keep your dog stimulated during our outings by working with them to better their recall, playing games and reminding them that all good things come to those who sit!

The leader of the pack

As professional animal handlers, it’s important to establish leadership early. To ensure each of the dogs in our charge is well behaved throughout the outing we’ll practice recall, loose leash walking and ensure their behaviour befits that of a well-mannered woofer.

Most dogs need attention and inclusion within a pack, other dogs desire to sniff, or run freely and we’ll use whatever it is that motivates your dog as their reward for good behaviour.

Leading a pack of animals is not always easy, but we make our groups more exciting and fun than anything else that’s going on so we’re guaranteed a wonderful outing for all.

Energy levels

We recognise that different dogs have different energy levels and try very hard to marry up those who are energetic and need to chase their tails and those meandering sniffers with their own kinds.

For new clients

We have a proven method to seamlessly introduce any new dog to a group and we’re careful to establish a rapport early; we ALWAYS lead the group.

Access to your pet

Prior to our first outing we’ll visit your house to meet you and your pets. We can discuss access to your pets and you can put a face to the name on the calling cards we’ll leave after each outing. If you need to provide us with keys, that’s no problem, we have a proven and safe “key policy” that we can discuss in person before any outing.