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Woofers’ array of paw pampering and follicular fondling services is world class.

We cater for all the basic needs of your pet plus a more select set of services for the discerning dogs’ needs.

Turn the shine of your coat up to 11 and put the moisture back in your nose with our array of indulgent services.

Woofers is proud to introduce the new BathPro 5.1 with patented Hydro-Surge technology! We have a state-of-the-art, custom-built grooming salon that has the latest equipment and embraces the latest in industry technology. Our custom built bathing system provides consistently fresh, clean, warm water that oxygenates and lift your dog’s coat to remove loose and flaky skin and dead hair, while the variable pressure massage technology provides a soothing flow that keeps them calm and relaxed throughout the bathing experience.

Spot & Scoop

Poop scooping is a joyless job – even we admit the excitement factor is pretty low on this one – but we are glad to do it as it will lead to a more hygienic territory for your dog.
We can sweep your property for the doggy landmines that are a fact of life for every dog owner the world over!