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One on One

Woofers offers private pet services for those dogs not able to be included in Playgroups or when your specific needs require one-on-one attention.

Personalised attention can be customised to suit your needs.  Typical private outings  can be combinations of on-leash walking around the neighbourhood, off-leash at the park, intensive frisbee chasing in the backyard, general home-care (e.g. poopscoop, water bowls, cleaning dogs’ bedding) or our private sessions may just be a little extra care, cuddles and attention.   – it depends on your requirements.

One-on-One stats

  • Pick up and drop off: included
  • Exercise time: Outings last approx 45 minutes
  • Group Size: 1 (or two dogs from the same house)
  • Quick poop scoop of your yard
  • Refresh water