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Our Team

At woofers we are stringent in selecting only mature and professional staff that complement our team of professionals.

We are more like a family than a team and as we work closely in all aspects of the services we pride ourselves for being consistent in the quality of the care given regardless of which one of us services you.

Woofers is not a franchise, nor do we use subcontractors. We only employ full time staff, (no causals, no uni-students inbetween jobs, no “subbies”, nor any school leavers looking for part-time holiday work).  We only hire trained professionals on a full-time basis that already have proven experience in animal handling, training, or grooming.  Occasionally we’ll employ a trainee but it’s only under direct supervision and shadowing a fulltime staff member.

Each of the team has a police clearance check and we are democratic in the selection of potential staff.  (the team has the final decision in selecting their would-be colleague).  This allows us to continually improve the quality and knowledge base of the team so that our quality of professionalism grows and our work lives are ever improving.

It also ensures that every pet is cared properly each and every time.

As a team, we’ve realised that mature professionals require more from their employment than a staff member in an entry level role, (e.g.  job security, ongoing training, paid annual leave, sick leave, company cars, allowances, flexible hours, and job progression),  however, we also realised that the more “true” professionalism they bring to the team the better the work and the work environment is.  In simple terms we believe that “the greater the staff, the greater the service” and the more likely each and every team member continues doing what they love and doing it consistently.