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 Sarah, owner of Shadow & Diesel

“My family has had the pleasure of being part of the ‘Woofers Family’ for a couple of years. Our two beautiful but challenging dogs, Shadow & Diesel, are shown nothing but love, compassion, patience and a good time whenever they spend time with the Woofers crew. Jonathan and his team are knowledgable, helpful, caring and generous – they all always have the best interest of our dogs at heart. I would not hesitate to recommend their services, and there are many, to anyone who is looking for safe, caring and loving assistance with their dogs.”

Emma & Banjo
“We love Woofers, so look forward to Wednesdays beach parties, Banjo comes back happy & exhausted, it is a wonderful service and all the staff are like one big extended family for Banjo!”


Moby the dog
“We have been using Woofers for around 6 years to look after our dog Moby and we haven’t looked back! Living in St Kilda in a small space with a border collie/lab we really wanted to make sure that she had plenty of exercise and company during the week when we were not around. Moby loves everyone at Woofers and can’t wait to jump in the van when it arrives. When we come home she is exhausted, happy and clean and it is great to know she has been so well looked after. We even get photos sent to us so we can see what a great time she is having. My favourite photo is below.”

Sophie & Murphy
“Murphy goes on outings 3 times a week and it is without doubt the highlight of his doggy day. He gets so excited when he sees the Woofers van coming down the street that he trembles with joy! I started using Woofers initially to help with my dog’s socialisation skills (as an abandoned pooch I suspect he had a troubled childhood!). The results were amazing – all the handlers are so skilled and so genuinely caring – I never worry about where he is or who he’s with. The outings are diverse, definitely tire him out and are fantastic value for money”

 Adam & Molly
“Woofers have been looking after Molly for over two years and are doing a fantastic job. The beach walks are great exercise and really wear her out. I’ve also used Woofers for sleepovers when I travel and their carers always look after her very well. Apart from their love of animals which is obvious, Woofers have greatly assisted with socialisation which has reduced her previous anxiety around other dogs. I highly recommend the Woofers service.”


“Woofers World have been walking our three dogs for the last three years AND our three dogs LOVE them more than they love us. At the sight of Jon, Liz or Danielle they forget us instantly as they have better things to do. They happily go off on a beach party for three hours of fun with their doggy friends without a look behind them. I started walking Suzi with Woofers as I was having behavioural issues with her as a puppy where she would snap at other dogs and it was very difficult to socialise her as I was scared she would bite another dog and be bitten back. Jon and the team sorted her out. She is still a little scamp but both of us got our confidence back around other dogs.”

1621959_789304737749791_71007889_nKaren & Oshi
“Woofers” beach party dog walks have been a wonderful service for my dog when I have long days away from home either due to work or play. It is so convenient and reassuring to have a system whereby my dog is picked up and dropped off from home. It gives him a days outing and socialising with other dogs when he otherwise would have been home alone all day. I whole heartedly recommend “Woofers” for their walks, and other services I have used such as grooming, advice on animal care, training advice and for good honest and safe care of my dog.”

“Woofers have also been great service providers – they are flexible and helpful when you need extras – nothing is ever a problem.”
– Fiona

“A true 5 Star Service – professional, reliable and genuinely caring. I love my dogs but I work long hours and can’t always spend as much time as I’d like with them so I’ve been using Woofers, several time a week, for over two years for my 2 pups, Alfie and Max. There is nothing more exciting for my 2 boys than the sound of the Woofers van pulling up by the house, they go absolutely crazy but who could blame them.”

“I love the ‘little things’ that Woofers do like from time to time sending me photos to my phone of the boys playing, leaving notes for me to let me know how their day was, always filling up their water bowls after each walk and even cleaning up the boys’ area from droppings! (thank you). Another thing that I love and that has come very handy is that Woofers are available on weekends too as well as public holidays. I really appreciate this level of service and have recommended Woofers to all my friends”
– Hezi L.

“Woofers have also helped us out at short notice by walking the dogs when we are sick or need someone to mind them. We can not recommend them highly enough and they are the favourite fixture on our doggies social calendar”
– Paula