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Beach or Park Parties

The one and only Woofers Beach Party is by far the best doggy outing available.

It’s an extended outing that includes all the greatness of the Playgroup, but it’s much longer. The Beach Party (or Park Party or River Walk) is ideal for those dogs with high energy levels and or whose owners are out of the house for long periods.

We’ll come to your home collect your dog and take them to the park, beach or creek (or whatever doggy nirvana is best near your location). Playtime runs for 2.5-3hrs and our aim is to maximise the fun and minimise drive.

Once there, they can run, play, fetch, chase, play ball, swim, roll, scratch and all the other wonderful activities that dogs love.  The outings extended time frame means stronger bonds with their friends, more outlet of energy and greater exposure to new fun and exciting environments.

The choice of location will depend on where you live and the needs of the group, but we like to mix it up and will try to take them to different bark parks than they’re used to.

We’ll continue to practice recall, we’ll pat, cuddle and roll with them and we’ll often upload a picture message of them doing what dogs do best to Facebook.

Our vans are fitted with water tanks and a pressure wash system so that we can provide clean fresh drinking water wherever we are. It also means that if they get smelly, salty, sandy, or all of the above, we can wash them down before dropping them home.

As with any of our visits with your pets, we’ll check their water, poop scoop if we see it, ensure they are safe, do a quick security check of your home and double check the gates behind us. We’ll even leave you a calling card so you know what time we were there and where we went for the day.


NB: For older dogs or dogs recovering from surgery and that would benefit from hydrotherapy, we can provide private beach outings. We are experienced in the basics of hydrotherapy rehabilitation and we can work with your vet or surgeon. (Hydrotherapy aids in the recovery of tendon damage, cruciate ligament repair and arthritis treatment. For expert advice contact Dogs In Motion.

Beach or Park Party Stats

  • Pick up and drop off: included
  • Exercise time: Outings last approx 2.5 – 3hrs (approx 2 hours of exercise)
  • Group Size: Small groups 4-6 dogs (depending on the area and council bylaws)
  • Poop-scoop of your yard available (surcharge may apply)
  • Refresh water
  • Location: depends on weather, group size and your locale. Not always at the beach